due diligence

Should I invest in the company? Is the information provided by company objective? Are there any other details I need to know? These are the questions investors have while looking at a company. The best way to answer those questions is to hire an unbiased third-party that can provide objective answers. Our approach for conducting DD’s involve cross-checking and benchmarking of information provided by the company, using multiple sources to give the most objective view that investors can rely on.

commercial due diligence

  • Analysis of the strategy, processes, and employees
    of the company
  • Market overview and competitive landscape
  • SWOT and Porter’s 5 analysis
  • Evaluation of business performance and sustainability

financial due diligence

  • Financial statements overview
  • Cash flow analysis
  • KPI’s
  • Revenue and cost structure
  • Financial projections and assumptions

legal due diligence

  • Legal set-up
  • Organizational structure
  • Tax advise
  • Licensing and franchise/patent agreements
  • Contracts

technical due diligence

  • Analysis of technical aspects of the project