Strategy is the core of the organization that makes a company move towards its objectives. Strategy works on both internal and external sides. Internally, it empowers employees to do work with a clear vision and focus, serving the right purpose. Externally it communicates with clients proving that the company has a real purpose and creates value. Strategies differ based on the need of the organization. Our approach is to understand the true need and target our work on the strategy that companies can easily utilize.

hr strategy

  • Measure and assess employee happiness and productivity
  • Assess employee motivation and develop reward system
  • Assess the effect of employee’s productivity on financial results
  • Development of HR KPI’s

growth strategy

  • Identification and analysis of target markets
  • Tailor strategy for specific market
  • Development of action plan together with the timeline and budget

marketing strategy

  • Company assessment
  • 7p
  • Porter’s 5 and SWOT analysis
  • Market positioning
  • Strategy execution plan